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These tips will help you live healthily with diabetes 

Are you stuck with diabetes? Do you sometimes ask yourself how to deal with your condition? Then this book is definitely for you. It’s short, it’s simple, and it contains some of the best information out there, without the fluff.  

These are the 50 best tips to help you prevent or cope with diabetes. They are simple and easy to understand, and probably a lot of what you haven’t thought of yourself. These ideas and scientific insights include:

  • The worth of fruits and vegetables, nature’s natural sweeteners.
  • Truths and myths about carbs, fish oil, and chips, nuts, and grains.
  • Incentive to stay on track and tips to help yourself stay disciplined and fulfilled. 
  • Clarifications about the diverse kinds of fats and which ones to avoid.
  • Tips to downsize your sugar intake and enjoy your food even more than before. 
  • Secret ways to discover hidden ingredients, add “healthy” sweeteners, and eat what you want without missing out.

And much more!

So don’t wait and begin listening now. These things will surprise you!

©2018 Darcy Dwanes (P)2018 Darcy Dwanes

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