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    Listen to the word that says, "Go for it," don't listen to the word that says, "Don't go." You are not a failure; God loves you. Wake up, stand, rise, be strong, and do it.

    You can make it; you can live a life of impact. You can become, you can reach the finish line. Yes, you can shine, you can make a lasting impression; a footprint that will never be erased.

    You can do more, be more; it's up to you; it's your choice. You can hear his voice, when he says, "Come to me and I will give you rest." You can go through the process. You can chase, you can dream, and you see it come true.

    You can also find out who you are; you can go far.

    So step closer, open this audiobook, and let me show you how. Be blessed!

    ©2017 Tarupiwa Muzah (P)2017 Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing

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