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    The CIA paid Dr. James Tuska very well to do their bidding, and when “Amnesia Allie” arrived at his hospital, she came with strict instructions under the threat of national security: Take care of their asset but don’t help her remember who she is. 

    Simple plan - until she woke and claimed the impossible. “My doctor is my fiancé.” 

    James had never met Allie, but he couldn’t say no to the desperate plea in her eyes. He didn’t know what she knew or what she was hiding from - but now the Agency wants her dead. 

    With one fake engagement, they’ve turned the CIA upside down until Allie disappears.... Then nothing would ever be the same for James, Allie, or the clandestine agency that brought them together. 

    ©2017 Cristin Harber (P)2019 Cristin Harber

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