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  • Dead and Breakfast

  • The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles, Book 2
  • Von: Colleen Mooney
  • Gesprochen von: Alyson Krawchuk
  • Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 19 Min.

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Dead and Breakfast Titelbild

Dead and Breakfast

Von: Colleen Mooney
Gesprochen von: Alyson Krawchuk
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Dead in bed? Who you gonna call? 

Good Catholic school girl that she is, Brandy Alexander’s a true and trusted friend, not to mention something of a detective. So, when Brandy’s best friend Julia, the ex-stripper-turned-hotelier, finds her first guest covered in blood, lying half on and half off a broken bed, with Julia’s panties swinging from the chandelier, she gets Brandy on the horn. 

Cool-hand Brandy assesses the situation and carries out the only sensible course of action: First, she makes a pot of coffee, then she calls the police. Brandy then finds herself in a big, fat, pouffy-skirted Italian wedding! While Brandy enlists the help of her new beau, Jiff, to try to keep Julia out of the slammer, Brandy’s oldest school chum is getting married, and with 18 bridesmaids, Brandy can’t escape being recruited and partnered with...who else? Her favorite upstanding member of NOLA’s finest, Dante.  

The suspense mounts, romance blossoms, and Jiff, a hundred percent class act, is looking more and more like Mr. Right with his own Schnauzer and a soft spot for Brandy’s three. But Dante makes it clear that he doesn’t plan to go quietly. The former Mr. Right Next Door has a few very sexy moves he’s been holding in reserve, which knock Brandy’s socks and her panties off!!  

With this one, Brandy’s fast becoming a female sleuth extraordinaire with a big, easy flair, and cozy fans will be delighted to find her humor and style a bit reminiscent of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum. Fans of Stephanie Bond, Jana DeLeon, Joan Hess, Lisa Lutz, Sarah Strohmeyer, and Elaine Viets may also find a kindred spirit in this New Orleans dawlin! 

Get this audiobook from USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author Colleen Mooney of The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles series.

©2015 Colleen Mooney (P)2019 Colleen Mooney

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