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    The pirates asked for ransom. Chris black made sure they paid the price.

    En route to the Galapagos Islands for a deep-sea diving trip with a group of international college students under his care, marine biologist Chris Black leaves his research vessel for a single night to enjoy dinner with friends. When he returns, the ship has vanished. With crew and passengers on board. Modern-day pirates hijacked the boat, hoping to collect a lucrative ransom. Amidst the storm of the century, indomitable Chris Black chases the pirates from island to island, ­fighting back to save the students under his care in a battle royal aboard the pirates’ mysterious flagship. 

    In the Chris Black Adventures series, marine biologists armed with knowledge and physical prowess ­fight crime on the open sea and deep under the ocean’s surface. Dr. James Lindholm’s ­ firsthand experience with the extreme survival conditions of underwater research missions informs all his stories. Look in the back of this book for a book club discussion guide.

    ©2020 CamCat Publishing (P)2020 CamCat Publishing

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