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    Trading successfully can offer you an untold number of millions, as you know. However, it isn’t an easy task. There are different markets, instrument types, and above all else, there’s the danger of following poor advice which will only lose you money. 

    So, how do you trade successfully? Even more importantly, do you need specialized knowledge or some secret sauce?

    In this audiobook, the secrets of day trading successfully will be revealed to you. You’re going to learn the correct ways and also learn why some of the regularly recommended principles of trading are just flat out wrong.

    Here’s a small sample of the things you’ll learn all about:

    • The two foundational pillars of technical analysis (t’s not indicators.)
    • The one thing you must do perfectly in order to succeed at trading
    • The best way to read price charts (Ditch the financial news, and learn how to spot true opportunities.)
    • Steps to develop a trading plan that will guarantee success
    • Reasons why you’ve been using indicators all wrong and what you can do about it right now
    • And so much more!

    Trading successfully might be a select club, but this doesn’t mean the path to it is obscure. By following the advice in this book, you will make it there! You don’t need large amounts of capital or some special talent to make this a reality. You have everything you already need!

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    ©2020 Alex Johnson (P)2020 Alex Johnson

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