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  • Data Science for Business

  • Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Modelling, Regression Analysis, Big Data and Machine Learning
  • Geschrieben von: Travis Goleman
  • Gesprochen von: Austin R Stoler
  • Serie: Data Science for Beginners, Titel 1
  • Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 41 Min.

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    This guide will discuss everything that you need to know about data science for business because it is impossible not to use it in your job. As data science and big data gets more popular, it is being used in more businesses than ever before because of how efficient it is. Throughout the audiobook, you are going to find out how data can mitigate risks in business and how to handle and manage big data in business.

    Data can improve the efficacy of your business in several ways. Here is a flavor of how data can play a significant role in upping your business game:

    • Big Data for Small Businesses
    • How Data Can Help Mitigate Risks in Business
    • How to Handle and Manage Big Data in Business
    • Data Visualization
    • Machine Learning for Data Science
    • Data Mining Functionalities
    • Basics of Big Data Analytics
    • Data Science and Big Data Analytics
    • The Process of Data Analysis
    • Real World Examples of Data Science Benefitting Businesses
    • Areas of Concern in Using Big Data for Business
    • Tools, Technologies, and Trends in Business Data Analytics
    • The Significance of Data Analysis for Your Business
    • Overview of Data Warehouse Development Goals
    • Data Mining Text
    • Data Modeling
    • And Much More

    There is a huge demand for data scientists marketing is like a horizontal functionality across all industries, therefore, this very critical skill would be required currently as well as in the future.

    ©2019 Travis Goleman (P)2019 Travis Goleman

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