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    Two precise audiobooks in one about analyzing and mining data!

    Audiobook 1: Dive into the complicated matter of analyzing and mining for data correctly. Forget about intuition or assumptions. Data are facts you can rely on if you draw the right conclusions. Drawing those conclusions requires certain skills, and a background in knowledge that leads to the proper steps. This guide will help you along the way by addressing topics such as:

    • The what and why of data mining, and the different applications to business-related topics
    • Attributes, classifications, datasets, and types of learning you need to understand, to fully be aware of what you are dealing with
    • Data quality and data quantity thoughts
    • Data mining process steps, including CRISP-DM and SEMMA
    • Linear, probabilistic, and other models to use in the visualization and analysis of data you have found
    • Techniques such as clustering, viewing genetic algorithms, and neural networks
    • Evaluation analysis strategies, classification, and numeric predictions

    Audiobook 2: Explore the field of data science, and the way to analyze big and small data. This technical audiobook goes over the main aspects of analyzing data correctly, by using various strategies you need to implement in order to get results that are precise and beneficial. Learn about:

    • Modeling data and visualization
    • The three V's of big data and what to do with them
    • Software recommendations and applications
    • Machine algorithms and interesting side notes regarding them
    • Rules, infrastructure, adaptation, and other techniques
    • Perception and cognition basics that apply to data
    • Efficient uses of regression, database querying, machine learning, and data warehousing

    ©2017 Charles Jensen (P)2017 Charles Jensen

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