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    Alone in the dark, Margie must face unimaginable terror. Is this thing that haunts her nights a ghost, or is it something worse?  

    Jesse and Gail are just starting their paranormal investigations business. This first case should be easy, and they can’t wait to get started. Their client is claiming a spirit is assaulting her - touching her and hounding her - and that she is never alone in her house. 

    Gail isn’t convinced this is a haunting. Tales of flying blue lights and whispers in the night make her think that Margie is imagining things, especially when she learns what happened to her husband. Only Jesse has heard of such cases. Spirit orbs are well-documented, and cases of spiritual assault have been seen worldwide. He knows they can get very nasty, very fast. 

    When they visit Margie's home, it is not the normal haunted house but a quiet and light bungalow. Yet, as soon as they enter, they sense a strong and dark force. Something is lurking in this quiet suburb, terrorizing Margie and pushing her to the very edge of sanity.  

    What does it want? Why is it here? 

    Can this dark man be beaten, or have they taken on more than they can handle? 

    This audiobook is part of the Spirit Guide series of audiobooks, but each audiobook is completely standalone, and they can be listened to in any order. Publishing order: The Haunting of Seafield House, Called from Beyond.

    ©2017 Caroline Gebbie (P)2018 Caroline Gebbie

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