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    Has someone ever taken advantage of you for their benefit? Do you want to understand the effects of mind control and persuasion to recognize and counteract them instantly? 

    If you want to know the secrets of mental manipulation and protect yourself and your loved ones from manipulators, then keep reading! 

    Manipulators and people who are looking to use us for their advantage, pleasure, and benefit are all around us. 

    Imagine knowing the secret strategies to recognize when someone is manipulating you, defending yourself from every type of manipulator, and using those strategies to turn situations to your advantage.

    All those secret strategies are right here, in this book!

    Dark Psychology and Manipulation: 2 in 1 is the most comprehensive, detailed, and practical guide you will ever find on dark psychology, manipulation, persuasion, mind control, NLP, hypnosis, and body language. 

    You will learn:

    • The dark psychology techniques used by mental manipulators to control your life and how to defend yourself from them
    • The power of hypnosis and how to use it to turn situations to your advantage
    • How to analyze people quickly and defend yourself effectively from dark human behavior
    • How you can use nonverbal communication to influence people
    • And much more...

    Take control and protect yourself and your loved ones from manipulators and anyone else who does not have your best interest at heart. The subtle psychological art of manipulation is a fundamental skill in today’s world. This book’s mission is to place that power and control back into your hands!

    No other book will take care of your mind like Dark Psychology and Manipulation: 2 in 1 will!

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    ©2020 Jake Goleman (P)2020 Jake Goleman

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