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    Have you ever wondered if the thoughts that arise in your mind yours?

    Or do you think your colleague or boss is playing you while secretly taking all the benefits and perks of your hard work?

    Or do you feel it is never enough, no matter how much effort and hard work you put into your relationship, and it is never appreciated or validated?

    These questions and many more have the same root cause, affecting thousands of people around the world, which is "manipulation" and "mind control".

    Since the dawn of civilization, people have controlled other people, on a small scale in interpersonal dialogues with peers, children, siblings, spouse, parents, teachers, boss, etc. And on a large scale where leaders, scammers, and politicians manipulate the masses for their own means. Even at this very moment, you are controlled by thoughts that are so ingrained in your subconscious brain circuits that you don't even notice them because you are aware of five percent of your brain activity and 95 percent of your brain activity is inaudible. Your behavior, your actions, your emotions, and your choices are implicitly altered day by day by massive advertisements, society standards, and cultural norms.

    This audiobook explains how you are controlled by all these strange forces, while it can also expose you to a knowledge where you can also control people, but with great power comes great responsibility and only in the drastic of times should you take drastic measures.

    Dark psychology is real whether you believe it or choose to ignore it; it is affecting our lives and social events around the world. This audiobook will enlighten you about things from the little tricks people do to the mass manipulation used by the mainstream media and influential politicians. Take full control of your life, defend yourself, and reject people who try to delude you, overwhelm you, belittle you, or in more specific terms "manipulate you".

    ©2020 Derby Nevada Sylvan (P)2020 Derby Nevada Sylvan

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