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Dark Psychology Secrets: Learn the Art of Reading People and Psychological Triggers to Stop Being Manipulated and Know the NLP to Understand the Covert Emotional Manipulation and Mind Control

Autor: Mark Panic
Sprecher: Robert Plank
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 10 Min.

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Do you want to turn it around in your favor in persuading and influencing your relationships? Want greater control over others? Are you interested in discovering how mind control works and how to spot the early signs before it becomes dangerous? Have you ever felt as though someone was trying to manipulate you?

Manipulation and persuasion are everywhere. The forces of manipulation are present in the larger sense - in television, emanating from governmental organizations, and other media. Manipulation also happens on an interpersonal level. These are the different gradations of dark psychology.

Dark psychology comes from a reaction to the past 50 years of positive psychology (approximately). Dark psychology offers a more realistic and pragmatic solution to protecting yourself in the world. If you do not have a firm grasp on your own psyche, though, you will be subject to manipulation from sources other than yourself in the world.

By learning some of the principles of dark psychology, you make yourself immune to the manipulation that you might be subjected to. The best offense is a good defense, right? By learning some of the principles of dark psychology, you will be able to identify instances when they are being used against you, and you can protect yourself from these forces.

Covert emotional manipulation happens in a variety of ways. It could be a spurned lover who spins a tale to you about how they want you back. It could be a fake charity posting pictures of children who are never actually going to get your money. It could be a family member or friend who is getting you to do something for them. By judging body posture, evaluating motives, and using other techniques, you can analyze the trustworthiness of these actors and what they want you to do.

It’s not all about defense. By learning these principles, you can become more persuasive yourself. You can start to be more assertive and confident in everyday situations because you have learned how to identify those around you who might not be acting in your best interest. This book covers:

  • The art and history of psychology;
  • Information on NLP;
  • How to use NLP for defense;
  • Techniques to subvert manipulation;
  • Protection against persuasion;
  • How to analyze government messaging;
  • Reading people;
  • Psychological triggers;
  • And much more...

In this book, there is a lot of practice and little theory, and you can learn the secrets very fast even if you have never known these topics, you now feel ready to master those secrets, recognize the manipulators, protect yourself and use them in your favor.

Even if you only learned to defend against one of the mental attacks covered in this book, it is well worth the investment.

Now you are the one to manipulate others ethically even if you have always been manipulated.

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