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    Dark Psychology is one of the most elusive sub-sectors of the psychological world. With deep inner demons rolling through the minds of criminals, and those .01% without a conscious to answer for them, it can be pretty scary. But did you know that we all have a finger on the pulse of the dark psyche?

    Take a dive into the world of narcissists, psychopaths, manipulator, and deceivers. Everything you ever wanted to know about Dark Psychology and the dark mind all wrapped up in one book. Meet the people who hold the records for the evilest, most heinous, and most terrifying. 

    Learn about the different techniques used to control the mind, trick the body, and deceive the soul. From how to protect yourself from dark psyches to how to let your own shine, this book discusses both sides of the fence.

    ©2019 Daniel Pratt (P)2020 Daniel Pratt

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