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Dark Psychology Emotional Manipulation

How Manipulators Take Power in Relationships and Influence People Using Psychology Warfare, Deception, Brainwashing, Covert Mind Games, Narcissistic Abuse
Autor: David Bennis
Sprecher: Robert Plank
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 41 Min.

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If you are certain that there is a problem with the world and that you are being victimized in one way or another, but you aren’t quite sure how and what to do about it, then Dark Psychology Emotional Manipulation is the audiobook you have been looking for.

Studying dark psychology will help you understand the human condition in relation to the psychological nature of people to prey on others, and they can be motivated by either deviant or criminal drives or both; with or without a purpose and general assumptions of a typically fixed pattern of behaviors based on instincts and social sciences theory. Given the fact that humans consider themselves a benevolent species, many would like to believe that they possess these thoughts and feelings.

Dark psychology is one of the world’s most powerful forces at work today. The world’s most powerful influencers used them in the past and continue to do so today. But it doesn’t have to be a leader to use dark psychology on you. It could be your parent, your relatives, friends, lovers, and colleagues, anyone close to you. Those who aren’t aware of what dark psychology is all about run the risk of having it used against them. You can avoid this at all costs!

For this reason, in this audiobook, you will find highly valuable information that could quite possibly even save your life. The information ensures that you are prepared when you come across a manipulator and ways to identify the critical red flags. You will also learn the dark psychological tactics and techniques in play in the world of today. Human beings are creatures who may not survive without the companionship of another. Unfortunately, dark minds also rule relationships in the pretense of love. This audiobook also gives an insight on how to identify when the relationship is manipulative and when you should get out before it is too late.

At this stage, even if you have realized the red flags in any kind of relationship you are suspicious of, what is important is that you are taking the step to get more information about the situation at hand. The first step in any process is getting started, understand the metrics, and understand the risks, what can be done and how to go about if you feel someone is taking advantage of you.

You will find:

  • Ways people get manipulated and lied to
  • The best practical tactics and techniques to manipulate others
  • Ways to recognize the signals of emotional manipulation in relationships and what manipulators use to seize power in relationships
  • How deception, mind games, brainwashing, and psychological warfare are used to emotionally manipulate people
  • Traits of narcissists and aggressive people and the language they use

Would you like to know more? Get this audiobook now!

©2019 David Bennis (P)2019 David Bennis


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