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Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation

31 Healing Bible Verses - To Keep You Healthy, Healed & Whole!
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Meditate on God's Word and be healed!

This essential daily scripture and meditation tool will help you to experience God's healing in your body if you are sick and enable you to continually walk in divine health - starting with 31 key portions of scripture featured in full text in four popular translations (The King James Version, The Message, The Amplified Bible, and The New American Standard Bible).

It includes my personal testimony in the introduction, a note of encouragement, what is scripture meditation, and the benefits of scripture meditation.

From Day 1 to Day 31 you have your daily scripture readings in four translations, thought for today and prayer for today! There is one set of Biblical MeditationTips that has been included on each day's page for ease of reference.

This audiobook has been written to provide the motivation, framework, and confidence you need to begin and continue the journey of healing and health using scripture.

It works for every kind of disease and sickness, including cancer!

©2012 Gloria Coleman (P)2014 Gloria Coleman


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