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  • DIY Homemade Medical Face Shield PPE

  • How to Make a Face Shield at Home or Buy the Correct PPE to Protect You
  • Geschrieben von: Zander Xi
  • Gesprochen von: Jaiden Heggins
  • Spieldauer: 37 Min.
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    No nonsense guide to face masks.

    DIY, buyer’s guide, and important considerations when you mask up.

    Need to learn about face masks fast?

    Learn how to make your own or buy the right kind. With this guide you will be armed with the fundamental knowledge you need to know about face masks. You’ll also learn how to avoid making mistakes when it comes to wearing a face mask!

    Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide:

    • Face masks
    • Types of masks available to the public
    • Surgical masks
    • N 95 masks
    • Cloth masks
    • Making your own facemasks
    • Crafting fabric masks
    • Materials needed
    • Mask with filter pocket
    • Step 1 - Cutting the pattern
    • Step 2 - Constructing the sides
    • Step 3 - Attaching the straps
    • Step 4 - Attaching the nose clip and adding a filter (optional) 
    • Alternative - Mask with no additional filter pocket
    • Step 1
    • Step 2 - Constructing the mask
    • And so much more! 

    Even if you have never worn a face mask before, with this guide in your hands you will better understand the options for masks as well as how you can make some kinds of masks yourself. Get up to speed on face masks when you buy this guide now!

    ©2020 Zander Xi (P)2020 Zander Xi

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