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    This book is only for people looking to lower their blood pressure quickly and lose a few pounds while doing it!

    From the best-selling weight loss author Linda Westwood comes DASH Diet, 2nd Edition: The DASH Diet for Beginners: DASH Diet Quick Start Guide with 35 Fat-Blasting Tips + 21 Quick & Tasty Recipes That Will Lower Your Blood Pressure! This book will help you quickly lower your blood pressure and keep it low forever! (All while losing a few pounds, too.)

    This DASH Diet, 2nd Edition book focuses on the core reason why the DASH diet works. You will learn exactly how you can lower your blood pressure and why it works so effectively in a short period of time.

    This book provides you with 35 fat-blasting tips that work to both lower your blood pressure and melt your fat at the same time!

    As a bonus, Linda has added 21 quick and tasty DASH recipes that can be used as core meals to drop your blood pressure into a healthy range within seven days, no matter what it is right now.

    Are you ready to lower your blood pressure while looking and feeling healthier than you have in a long time? Then get your copy of DASH Diet, 2nd Edition today!

    ©2016 Linda Westwood (P)2016 Linda Westwood

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