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    After nearly a decade of marital bliss, Callie and Jonah remain as infatuated with each other as they had been on their wedding night. Callie keeps him on a tight leash and most certainly wears the trousers in their relationship.

    Sometimes, she makes him watch while she and her old friend Elsa get intimate with each other. He would do anything to please her, and watching them together appeals to his submissive tendencies. One evening, while Elsa is there, Callie finally asks him if he would like to get involved.

    In fact, she wants to swap places and watch him and Elsa having sex. However, things don’t go quite the way he imagined, and the evening takes an especially kinky turn when she presents them with a strap-on dildo.

    ©2020 Nicky Nash (P)2020 Nicky Nash

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