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Crystals Healing for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to Get Started with the Power of Stones. Heal Yourself, Unlock and Balance Your Chakras Energy with Crystals Muse. Includes Self-Healing Meditation.
Sprecher: Clare Radix
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 20 Min.

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Do you know you can use crystals, the gorgeous-looking gems, to help relieve your stress and heal your body?

If you are curious about the greater mysteries of the natural world and interested in pursuing a path to personal power and achievement, the knowledge in this audiobook can bring you to the next stage of your journey.

Crystals are a powerful and naturally formed energetic tool that can be used to foster health, wellness, and an energetic vibration shift that will allow you to achieve your truest goals and desires. In this audiobook, you are going to learn about more than 100 crystals and how you can use them to change your own life and use them to help others on their own path. You will discover intense and powerful methods of using crystals for healing sessions you can perform on yourself or in a professional setting on clients.

The chapters will cover:

  • One hundred crystals you should know 
  • Crystal healing grids
  • Programming crystals
  • Cleansing and storing crystals

As you progress on this personal journey of empowerment and healing, you’ll learn about the energies in your body - specifically, about the chakra system and how it connects the spiritual, energetic, and physical bodies to function on a level of health and wellness.

This audiobook will teach you about the properties of the chakras and their associations with organs, body cavities, and hormonal glands. You will also discover the emotional associations of the chakras and how energy imbalances in chakras can lead to disease, illness, and injury.

Learn to use crystals in: meditation, exercise, drinking and bathing water, around the house, at work, and more.

Finally, you’ll gain access to exclusive meditations to help you unlock your inner self.

Click on “Buy Now”, and start using crystals to transform your life!

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