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Sprecher: Sundararaman S
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An audiobook in Tamil.

"Your pizza delivered at your doorstep in 30 minutes or your money back": a strategy that has helped the fast food industry grow at a tremendous pace. Punctuality and maximization of the time at our disposal has become the key to success in almost every endeavor. Is time management so vital to business success? Is work executed on time, every time, all that it's made out to be? Do we seriously believe we can actually do it in the midst of all chaos and unreliability all around us?

You bet. It's absolutely essential to do things perfectly on time. It's an undeniable fact of life, wherever you are. You can regain all your losses, but not time lost, time wasted. Not a second of your life can you regain, once you have forfeited it, no matter how hard you try. Time once lost is forever lost.

Most of us are masters of the art of procrastination, that thief of time. We postpone. We digress from our objective. We distract ourselves from the main purpose of our life. We shamelessly miss deadlines. We turn up late for meetings, waste time in preliminary chit-chat without coming to the agenda of our discussions. We fail to plan our programs and end up spending twice the time we should really spend. We get sidetracked into inconsequential gossip. Stop and think. How often have you messed up a project by wasting time on the job?

Don't leave things to chance. Take notes. Maintain a diary. Plan. Schedule. Save time you'd otherwise waste in doing and redoing things because you did not prepare, did not do your homework.

Don't worry. Time management is not as tough as you think. It's simple. You can conquer time, provided you follow the simple steps this audiobook details. Listen to the proven time-management techniques it advocates. Go ahead, absorb them, and internalize them. The time you spend on them is more than time spent. It's an investment in your future.

©2006 Sibi K Solomon (P)2007 New Horizon Media

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