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    Cosa Nostra is the compelling story of the Sicilian mafia, the world's most famous, most secretive and most misunderstood criminal fraternity.

    The mafia has been given many names since it was founded 140 years ago: the Sect, the Brotherhood, the Honoured Society and now Cosa Nostra. Yet as times have changed, the mafia's subtle and bloody methods have remained the same. Now, for the first time, Cosa Nostra reconstructs the complete history of the Sicilian mafia from its origins to the present day, from the lemon groves and sulphur mines of Sicily to the streets of Manhattan. 

    Cosa Nostra is a definitive history, rich in atmosphere and with the narrative pace of the best detective fiction, and has been updated to make it the most vital contemporary account of the mafia ever published. 

    The mob genre has finally grown up.

    ©2004 John Dickie (P)2020 Hodder & Stoughton Limited

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