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Scientific American Mind
Sprecher: Mark Moran
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 3 Min.
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This riveting issue of Scientific American Mind, a magazine focused on psychology and neuroscience news, features a cover story about the nature of consciousness, particularly as it relates to synesthesia, a neurological condition in which the brain mixes up different types of sensory perception. An additional six articles cover a wide range of topics including the relationship between relaxation and productivity, the effect of winter on state of mind, and the nature of "first impressions" and how they affect the way people perceive one another in the long run, among other fascinating articles.

Voice actor Mark Moran skillfully narrates these entrancing pieces, his clear, crisp enunciation and thoughtful pacing contributing to an extremely enjoyable and educational listener experience.


This edition of Scientific American Mind contains seven articles. The cover story deals with synesthesia, when senses blend together in the brain. Also in this issue: thrill seeking, intelligence drugs, power trips, first impressions, the winter blues and lastly better work through relaxation.
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