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    If you're not sure what the word actually means, I'll describe assertiveness to give you a better understanding of how to integrate it into your character. Assertiveness is about being self-confident. You are wholeheartedly embracing yourself and knowing that what makes you different is what makes you attractive.

    Most women are trying to make themselves better, which is not a bad thing. This is when these women shine in tandem with assertiveness. This is because only those who try to drag them down are raising their positive traits and ignoring people.

    Women, sometimes, find themselves in fierce arguments. The views and opinions of people come into conflict and create drama. These conversations may, now and then, lead to more complicated situations. Knowing how to be assertive in a nice way can prevent the blowing-up of an argument and even help one win an argument.

    Learning how to be an assertive woman consists of two things: one, a tendency toward a positive attitude, and the other, a tendency toward daring. Assertiveness means that you are bold enough to allow your views and opinions to be heard. Also, compliment yourself on a daily basis, particularly by finding specific tasks that you have done well for that day and by congratulating yourself on it.

    It will give you a daily motivation to work harder and be better to strengthen yourself as a person and to grow your sense of maturity. List all things that you are good at doing and attaining, be it a talent, skill, sport, or other people building up.

    You can add more emphasis to these good points and fuel our enthusiasm for doing better, not only making you more understand yourself, but also giving you the true meaning and self-worth calculation, and that's how you see yourself as important.

    It can also be the source of self-esteem to respect one's physical appearance and bearing, be it the size and shape of your body, your overall physical structure, or unique features. The body can be the source of pride, helping you to realize how you want others to see you, or to focus on your physical appearance to improve self-morality and satisfaction.

    While you may find yourself valuable or have a sound mind, there are only a few things that you can't alter.

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    ©2020 G.S. Hansen (P)2020 G.S. Hansen

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