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    Learn HTML, C#, Python, hacking, and more!

    Are you fascinated by today’s technologies that teach computers to learn like humans? Do you believe that turning enormous amounts of data into clear insights is amazing? Do you wonder if you could work on these awesome things?

    Yes, you could. 

    Why not? 

    You can teach yourself the necessary skills by reading the right books. But how do you start? By buying this audiobook that will teach you the basics of computer programming and machine learning!

    The author has designed a beginner-friendly introduction to programming that covers Python, a language that is easy to learn and very commonly used in machine learning. When you’ve written your first programs in Python, it’s time to try out this audiobook.

    This is your ultimate guide to machine learning, deep learning, data science, and other amazing things that are on top of today’s tech news. You’ll get to know the basic concepts and their real-life application, so you’ll gain some really solid knowledge from this audiobook.

    When you’ve gained some experience in Python and mastered the concepts and technologies of machine learning, you’ll see amazing career opportunities in front of you. This book bundle makes it possible!

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • How artificial intelligence functions and how computers can be taught to learn like humans by using deep learning algorithms
    • How to write programs in Python, the programming language commonly used for data science and analytics
    • How to turn huge amounts of information into valuable insights by applying data science
    • How these amazing technologies help solve practical problems
    • And much, much more!

    Get to know today’s most exciting technologies and unlock the door to a new career with a single click.

    Scroll up and click on the "buy now" button to get the book!

    ©2020 Ken Madron (P)2020 Ken Madron

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