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    Discover the nine principles of influence used by the world's most powerful men to win in business, social situations, and life!

    Ever wonder why some people can communicate and hook every single person in the room to listen to their every word while others would be lucky to even be noticed by others? By learning and utilizing performance principles of influence, you will be able to engage and captivate the attention of others consistently at will. In this book you will discover how you can utilize skills of elite-level performance combined with mind-sets, psychological strategies, tips, and tricks to truly attain the position you want of becoming a power influencer. Being able to do this and striking the right mix of skills and principles is what is going to allow you to become a truly powerful leader, figure of authority, and influential communicator, regardless of where you may be right now....

    In this book you will learn principles of influence derived from the field of performance (used by elite level athletes, world-class actors, sports stars, high-level executives, and entrepreneurs). You will learn how to annihilate fear and self-doubt on your way to the top, bring your naysayers and critics to silence, and become a powerful communicator who magnetically commands attention effortlessly wherever you go.

    In this book you will discover:

    • Performance principles of influence used by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Leo DiCaprio, and Benjamin Franklin to magnetically captivate attention in a room
    • How to become 100 percent fearless in public speaking, presentations, and high-stakes deals
    • A lethal three-step process to mind read anyone in a boardroom, a meeting, or a job interview (use this closely guarded tactic wisely and you will be rewarded handsomely)
    • The secrets to becoming high status instantly by flipping this one switch in your mind
    • A strangely simple rejection-proof method that will help you get your way much more smoothly and with less effort
    • And much, much more!

    ©2017 Mark Von Eriksson (P)2017 Mark Von Eriksson

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