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    Ten simple actions of faith that will provoke financial breakthrough for anyone in 30 days or less. No fluff, no long stories, practical and provoking biblical instructions for dealing with urgent money problems.

    Are you currently embroiled in a financial situation? Do you need a breakthrough asap? Are you looking for simple-to-follow instructions that will trigger a financial breakthrough for you very quickly? Then get home tonight, close your door, and begin to apply these spiritual instructions, and you'll see miracles happen in your finances asap. More importantly, you'll have the wisdom to move forward financially.

    I’ve sat and prayed with more people needing help financially than any other area. Also, about 60 out of a hundred of the prayer requests I receive on our blog (and I get quite a good number of them every day) dwell on finance. The details are usually different, but when summarized, they boil down to money - money to pay bills, money to get a new house, money to invest in something, failing business, debtors not wanting to pay, grace for debt cancellation, contract to be approved, money to support health treatment, grace for recovery of lost investments, urgent need for a better job, etc.

    Unfortunately, what most Christians know about money today stops at giving and seed-sowing. Unfortunately, they’ve sowed and sowed and haven’t prospered as they learned. The reason is simple: Money giving will not invoke God’s blessings when other variables are missing.

    In this book, I am focusing more on these missing variables that can delay a person’s financial blessings. I believe that the instructions contained in these pages will empower you to command financial breakthrough as soon as possible.

    ©2018 Daniel C. Okpara (P)2019 Daniel C. Okpara

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