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Coming of Age the Hard Way

An Erotic Forced Feminization Fantasy
Autor: Tina Tirrell
Sprecher: Liam Daniels
Spieldauer: 32 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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Her special boy is all grown up, coming of age the hard way with a surprise he can't expect but of which he will grow to love the taste.

He's flowered from her deep affection, blossomed into a young man under her doting attention. He adores being her "special one" and knows his loving title can only mean he's in for big surprises on his significant birthday ushering him into adulthood.  

The surprises begin with gift after gift of dainty, pretty, feminine things, all made to order and sized especially for him. Always eager to earn the affection of the one who bred and raised him and hear her praises, he politely plays what he thinks is all a game.  

Before her eyes, he changes into his feminine clothes, lavishes her compliments, and listens carefully as he's instructed on the meticulous details of wearing makeup...all to please the mysterious "others" that await him downstairs.  

The real party begins when the first stranger is introduced: a man with hunger in his eyes and something rigid in his pants. But she is there to praise and cajole him, instruct him through every step of his introduction into his new life: one of being her special little girl, her pride and joy, the one to carry out his/her purpose of loving many, many men.

Her feminine tutelage and control - his first-time sexual encounter - their gift of pleasure and servitude to the hungry needs of countless men.

©2014 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press


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