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    Murders, rapes, and other crimes happen every single day. These are not cases that stand out in some unique sort of way, simply cases that have gone down in the books as horrifying.

    Discarded bodies, missing women, stolen identification. It would seem as if we are talking about this week's news stories, but in fact, we are talking about some of the most notorious cases that police have ever faced.

    Some of these cases were solved, some of them gone cold, and some of them seem oddly familiar to what we see going on today.

    Sometimes it may make you wonder if a notorious serial killer is lurking in the shadows in your neighborhood....

    From America's first serial killer to America's Unknown Child, each case is chilling and completely true. The stories might just make you thankful for the life that you are living and make you watch out for those that live in your neighborhood....

    Here's a preview of what's in this book....

    • The Son of Sam
    • The Boy in the Box
    • Herman Webster Mudgett
    • The Freeway Phantom
    • Leonard Lake and Charles Ng
    • The Happy-Faced Killer
    • Much, much more!

    ©2017 Joseph Exton (P)2017 Joseph Exton

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