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Clutter Be Gone: 10 Steps to Decluttering Your Home, Life, Finances and Your Marriage

Autor: Maria Shriver
Sprecher: Joanna Riley
Spieldauer: 51 Min.

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Every definition of clutter relates to covering an area with disordered or scattered items that reduce efficiency and/or obstruct movement. Since this so aptly describes what clutter really is, you will come to understand that declutter is considered the opposite. It essentially speaks to arranging things in order to make the area tidy and can bring about efficiency and facilitate free movement.

The majority of hoarders are experiencing a psychological issue that requires addressing. If you are listening to this book and realize that you are in this group, you need to get yourself some assistance quickly from a psychologist.

The writer of this book describes the importance of decluttering and doing so in a systematic way when the decision is made to do so. This is because if (for example) you go at it in a disorganized manner, you could end up with a clutter situation that is worse than what was there before and get really discouraged about continuing the process.

Decide on a particular system and timeframe that will involve grouping objects in categories and then placing them to one side, to be placed in their respective places as soon as the majority of the clutter is cleared. Look for professional yet inexpensive guides that offer information on the most ideal methods of decluttering.

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