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    Three erotic tales of female submission, each exploring a woman's first experience of a D/s relationship with a powerful, dominant man.

    The glitzy singles club isn't her usual scene, but tonight Trisha is out for adventure, and that is exactly what she finds.

    From the moment their eyes lock, Will Jacobson recognises something special in Trisha. At his encouragement she whispers her submissive fantasies, sharing secrets never before confessed. As she speaks, a fire ignites in Will's eyes.

    Drawn like a moth to the flame, and abandoning all caution, Trisha takes the stranger home. Their d/s romance is a fiery burst of intense passion as Will seizes control of Trisha's body, heart and soul. And out of their fervour, their burning ardour, a twist emerges that will leave you breathless.

    This audiobook contains three stories: 'Closely Held Secrets', 'A Lover's Call' and 'Jewel Thief'. Nb. 'A Lover's Call' is available individually.

    Adults only. This audiobook contains graphic sexual scenes including spanking, whipping, anal sex, and female submission.

    ©2012 Romance Unbound Publishing (P)2016 Mars Audio Books

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