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    There are many programmers. Real software architects, on the other hand, are rare and, therefore, particularly popular in the market. Clean Architecture: 3 in 1 is the perfect introduction to this new level of programming.

    Leading companies and employers are always looking for clean software architects to generate a clearly high-quality code. After all, it is easily expandable, which increases productivity in the long term, shortens development time, and ensures perfect quality.

    The Beginners Guide to Clean Architecture is, therefore, a primary knowledge-intensive book to learn about the clean software architect. After a quick theoretical introduction, the book switches directly to practical applications. We specifically look at important object-oriented design concepts and principles.

    In the second book, you will learn everything you need to know about clean architecture, about design architecture, and how you can use it in clean code development. By the end, you will understand how the clean architecture structure is a dominating force in software development and paradigms.

    You will learn: 

    • How software systems are structured 
    • The design architecture behind programming and software and what it aims to do
    • The differences between functional, object-oriented, and structured programming
    • The different design principles, such as open-closed, single responsibility, Liskov substitution, and more 
    • Linker and relocatability design principles and how they are made up

    The third book aims to cover all aspects of clean architecture and its role in the field of coding, programming, and software engineering, alike. This book will highlight all the revolutions that have been brought forward using the application of the principles of clean architecture and how it has helped the field of designing new and innovative software programs change and reshape for the better. 

    ©2020 Elijah Lewis (P)2020 Elijah Lewis

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