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    Narrators Clifford Rose, David Graham, Gary Hope, and Nicolette Marvin perform a grand dramatisation of Christopher Columbus' life story. Although the first European to reach the Americas was a Viking, it took five centuries before Europeans arrived once more on the American coast. Columbus was the first among these colonisers, and the narrators create a vivid picture of his attempts to find support for his voyages, revealing a man who was driven by ambition, money, and personal obsession. Listeners will be fascinated by the circumstances and political motivations around Columbus' expeditions, as well as the explorer's own thoughts on his accomplishments.


    Columbus did not discover America. That honour goes to Norseman Bjarni Herjolfsson, whose storm-driven Viking longship took him briefly to the mainland of North America. Yet it was five centuries before Europeans arrived once more on the American coast. Columbus happened to be the first.

    Curiously, the phrase "The Indies", was not mentioned in the famous Capitulation, an agreement signed by the king and queen of Spain before Columbus sailed on his epoch-making voyage. It merely stated that he was permitted to search for islands and a mainland in the said ocean. It said nothing of Columbus's obsessive idea that a ship could reach the east by sailing westwards. That was his own personal dream and because of it, instead of discovering a sea route to the Indies, he opened up a whole new world.

    ©1976 Ivan & Inge Berg (P)1976 Ivan & Inge Berg

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