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    Would you like to be able to choose to be happier?

    Did you know that scientists and researchers have discovered:

    • Why some people are much happier than others?
    • Happier people are more successful, resilient, creative, productive, kind and energetic, plus they have better health and relationships?
    • We all have a happiness set point (a level of happiness that we keep returning to)?
    • That this set point can be raised just by learning some simple habits and new ways of seeing the world?

    This audiobook busts the modern happiness myths that assert that we can find lasting happiness through having more money, buying more things, or being famous, successful, or powerful. Instead, it provides science-backed, actionable, effective, and simple practices that can make being happier a whole lot easier whoever and wherever you presently are. Choosing Happier will teach you the skills, mind-sets, and habits that will make it easy for you to live with more contentment and joy on a daily basis.

    Jem Friar has a unique and fascinating perspective on life having spent 14 years living in numerous countries around the world. He has also spent over 25 years working directly with individuals and groups as an alternative therapist and coach, supporting them to live in a more balanced, healthy, and happy way. He has combined his wealth of experience with insights and practices from ancient traditions, and the modern science of positive psychology to lay out an easy to follow formula that will allow anyone to raise their happiness levels.

    This easy to listen to, inspiring self-help audiobook is both enjoyably motivational and potentially life transforming.

    ©2017 Jem Friar (P)2019 Jem Friar

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