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Are you presently experiencing an energy block? Are you suffering one emotional or physical pain or the other? Do you feel frustrated, useless, and unproductive?

If your answer to any or all of the above questions is in the affirmative, this book is specifically written for you. Like you, there are millions of people worldwide who experience feelings of failure, physical pain, and emotional stress.

The entire human existence is centered on energy, which may be drawn both from internal and external sources. Energy to talk, walk, think, sleep, do many other things that appear minor, and of course the more important endeavors such as coordinating a business group, raising kids, maintaining a healthy relationship with others, and so on. There is practically nothing we can do without energy. However, energy could be positive or negative.

The topic of chakras has generated a growing interest over the years, with many people across the world seeking to channel their subconscious energies into productive activities that could better their lives and of others around them. It is however disturbing that this need has not been adequately met, owing to stark ignorance about the subtle energies and insufficient information making the rounds about how to harness the energies within us and around us.

This book is a most worthy companion at all times. It dishes out in very simple practical steps how you can discover the following:

  • The meaning of energy healing
  • How to select suitable crystals for unblocking each of the seven major chakras
  • How to apply the crystals to your energy wheels
  • How to align all the seven major chakras as a unified system
  • The ways to employ crystals for healing your physical pain
  • How to utilize healing stones for healing your mental and psychological disorders
  • How to use crystals for fighting emotional disorders
  • The reality about the New Age seven chakras system
  • How you have been ignorantly blocking your energy flow
  • How to apply crystals
©2019 Antony Vithale (P)2020 Antony Vithale

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