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    The specialty of chakra healing has been utilized for quite a long time to adjust vital energy focuses in our body called chakras. Chakra energy healing is required when at least one of the chakras is unbalanced because of low vibrations from stress, dread, outrage, or different issues. That can drain the energy of the individual as a rule. When the chakras are adjusted and free from negative emotions, they turn energetically and speak to each other, and we encounter peace and happiness. 

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    Chapter one

    • What chakra healing is
    • Chakra healing wands
    • The heart chakra - healing and balancing the fourth chakra 
    • Power of the heart chakra

    Chapter two

    • Solar plexus chakra healing - healing that brings personal power 
    • The solar plexus chakra - healing and balancing the third chakra 
    • Crystal healing for the third eye chakra 
    • The seven chakras and chakra healing

    Chapter three

    • Chakras and immune system health 
    • Healthy habits for all of the chakras 
    • Chakra healing for optimum emotional and physical health 
    • The crown chakra - healing and balancing the seventh chakra 
    • The most effective method to balance or awaken the crown chakra

    Chapter four

    • Methods to give your pet a chakra healing
    • How distant energy chakra healing works 

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    ©2018 Lena Lind, Peter Harris (P)2018 Lena Lind, Peter Harris

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