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    I went down the stairs and sped up my pace so as not to lose him. I opened the door cautiously and peered out. The door led to a garage where several lamps flickered. There was no sign of the guy. Oh my God, my heart was pounding. I could smell the danger. Warning lights came on in my head, but I ignored them all. Suddenly I saw his shadow.

    Catherine Wilson, a private investigator in the big city of New York, focuses mainly on exposing unfaithful spouses. One day her life takes a sharp turn when she receives an unexpected task to find a missing person. Following the mission, Catherine meets William Gold, a successful businessman who sweeps her into an unknown world and offers her a deal that is hard to refuse.

    Catherine and William find themselves in a surprising love affair against all odds. She is torn between the desire to be loved by William and logic that tries to save herself from heartbreak. Is William the one? Is their love real? Will they crack the mission and find the missing person? Catherine tries to sort all of this out while dealing with many obstacles along the way.

    Please note: This audiobook is in Hebrew.

    ©2015 Linda Mizrachi (P)2016 SonicBooks

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