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Card Declined

Learn to Set Priorities So You Stop Overspending
Sprecher: Jim D Johnston
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 35 Min.

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Are you someone who has struggled with overspending? Do you sigh as you watch the dollars vanish from your bank account each and every day? You aren't alone! Millions of people on this planet struggle with their inability to keep their money well managed and it is one of the most common problems in America! Don't fret, however, because with the help of this brand-new book, Card Declined: Learn to Set Priorities So You Stop Overspending, you will learn everything that you need to know about managing your money.

The world of finance is tough, but luckily this book will provide you with a no-nonsense approach to learning how to be disciplined, how to build a budget, learn the common personality traits of over spenders, and most importantly how to cut back on your spending. If you've ever wanted to be free of financial worry, able to live a life full of peace and debt free, then you're going to love this book! It can be confusing with all of the financial guide books out there, but this book isn't about teaching some magic method to getting rich quick; rather, it contains all of the principles and concepts that go into what makes a person truly prosperous. If you've ever worried about your own spending habits, then don't delay, get this book today!

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