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    Learn How to Grow Cannabis at Home and Make Potent Extracts!

    This 2 in 1 collection will teach you how to grow your very own cannabis plants indoors, as well as how you can make extracts out of them - such as delicious pot brownies and butane hash oil!

    Audiobook 1: How to Grow Cannabis - A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Cannabis Indoors

    In this audiobook you will learn about:

    • Choosing the right location for your cannabis grow
    • Choosing the right lights
    • What to do during the vegetative state 
    • Using the right growing medium
    • The best fertilizer and nutrient balance for high-quality buds
    • Grow tents and proper air circulation 
    • How to feminize seeds
    • What pots and soil you should be using 
    • What to do during the flowering stage
    • Using CO2 safely and effectively
    • How to have a successful harvest
    • How to properly cure and store your cannabis
    • And more  

    Audiobook 2: DIY Cannabis Extracts - A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Oils, Edibles & Other Great Goodies

    In this audiobook you will learn about: 

    • The potential health benefits of cannabis
    • How to acquire plant material for your extracts
    • How to make butane hash oil (BHO)
    • How to make tinctures
    • How to make cannabutter
    • How to make pot brownies
    • How to make cannabis waffles
    • How to make rosin
    • How to make hashish
    • How to make weed cookies 
    • And more

    Listen now and explore the wonderful world of cannabis with this potent two in one collection!

    ©2019 Scott McDougall (P)2019 Scott McDougall

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