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Camping and Cooking

For Beginners: Tools and Tips to Living in the Great Outdoors
Autor: Jim Jackson
Sprecher: Troy McElfresh
Spieldauer: 51 Min.

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An Amazon best seller in the camping niche.

Everyone has a camping disaster story, and rarely do they have anything to do with wild animals. From forgetting the food to discovering the tent is too small, a myriad of things can go wrong, but with Camping and Cooking: For Beginners, your problems are solved. Beginning with the basics, this handy helper starts with a checklist of what you need for your trip. Choosing the right tent, the right sleeping bag, and learning how to start fires without matches (He's not talking about rubbing two sticks together!) are only a few of the chapters in the book. The best advice is the author's chapter on the top 10 mistakes first-time campers make (and how to avoid them!) - it is invaluable. Download your copy today, before your camping trip, and transform your camping experience into the best memory ever!

Here is a preview of what you'll learn....

  • The basics of camping
  • How to pick the ideal camp site
  • How to choose the right tent
  • How choose the right sleeping bag
  • What additional equipment you cannot live without
  • The cooking equipment you'll need
  • Three easy ways you can start a fire without matches
  • 20 simple camping recipes (including authentic Australian campsite bread)
  • 10 main mistakes most first time campers make, and how to avoid them
  • Much, much more
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