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    How to achieve relaxation even if you normally are so stressed

    This relaxing selection of healing music gives you the power to calm your mind even if your lifestyle is incredibly busy and hectic.

    In this audiobook, you can find sounds of nature recorded worldwide using cutting edge recording technology. This audiobook contains the perfect mix of natural sounds and dream music. Perfect for relaxing or meditating.

    Thanks to listening you will be able:

    • Relieve stress quickly.
    • Experience the soothing sounds and the power of nature as on a dream holiday.
    • Get deep relaxation levels anytime, anywhere.
    • Incredibly useful if you are working, traveling, sleeping or just relaxing
    • Even if you don't have time to sit for a minute, you can listen to this music in the background to calm down.
    • Put yourself in a state of absolute and profound peace.
    • Delicate sounds for deep relaxation, perfect for use in wellness and meditation

    In this audiobook you can find:

    • Peaceful songbird concert
    • Gentle summer rain
    • Tropical storm in Australia
    • Calming crickets chirping
    • Warm healing springs on Iceland
    • Smoothly purring cat
    • Gentle ocean waves

    Listening to this audiobook instantly guarantees a remarkable inner peace and helps to move your spirit from here to a more sublime state where the mind is entirely free.

    Free yourself from negative emotions. Get this audiobook now!

    ©2020 Lucy Carter (P)2020 Lucy Carter

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