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Called for the Alpha

Full Moon Series, Book 8
Autor: Mia Rose
Sprecher: Isabel Acre
Serie: Full Moon Series, Titel 8
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 49 Min.

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With the threat of vlads and the future threat of daywalkers, the pack (what's left of it) must leave Cripple Creek. Gabriel is still human and he's no use to anyone if he can't get his wolf back. This mess is going to set them on a road trip, headed straight for New Orleans, in a van that's seen far better days.

They'll be there, right at peak season when festivities are playing their course. Some of them know what's going on, and some of them don't. But Kelvin will find out about his family and the roots of his family tree. It's a pivotal revelation for the entire world, actually.

There'll be more than meets the eye in chilly New Orleans...a bear shifter, a tomb containing the Voodoo Queen, and a lot of naughtiness going on behind the scenes. It's unexpected for Dustin, anyway. Yes, it's going to be a mindblowing and sensational trip, that's for sure. But what lurks in the shadows? Not all is what it seems, and who can't get touched by the sun, and why? This time, it's anyone's guess. There are secrets and mysteries everywhere...and Declan's not even there to see it! It's pure evil...could it be witchery?

©2018 Mia Rose (P)2018 Mia Rose


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