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    From best-selling and multi-award-winning romantic suspense author Amanda McKinney comes the first book in the steamy, edge-of-your-seat three-part series Steele Shadows Security.

    Hidden deep in the remote mountains of Berry Springs is a private security firm, where some go to escape, and others find exactly what they’ve been looking for. Welcome to Cabin 1, Cabin 2, and Cabin 3.

    Cocky, reckless, and die-hard playboy are just a few of the names Gage Steele has been called since he and his brothers left the Marines and moved back to the small, southern town of Berry Springs to take over their father’s personal security firm.

    On the one-year anniversary of his father’s death, Gage had only two things in mind: endless whiskey and endless women. But what he got was a battered, bruised spitfire stumbling through woods in the middle of the night.

    Newly appointed prosecutor and unapologetic workaholic Niki Avery has spent her life working toward one goal: never to have to depend on anyone but herself. Until the day she gets brutally attacked on the side of the road.

    Stripped of her Louis Vuitton and her dignity, the fiercely independent ADA must submit to being under the watchful eye of a former Marine - a loose cannon with a temper as scorching as his ruggedly handsome good looks.

    As cracks begin to show in the Steele family, including newly discovered evidence that their father’s death was no accident, Gage wrestles with his growing feelings for his client, knowing not only that Niki is off-limits, but together, they were like gasoline and fire. An explosion he wanted nothing more than to ignite in the bedroom.

    But when a pair of bloody body parts show up at the compound, it becomes clear that Niki’s attacker hasn’t given up, and Gage realizes he’ll do anything to keep her safe...even as his own family is spiraling out of control.

    Cabin 1 is the first book in the three-part Berry Springs spin-off series Steele Shadows Security. Think of it as Berry Springs' darker, grittier, steamier, bad buy brother.

    Please note: You do not need to listen to the Berry Springs Series first. 

    ©2019 Amanda McKinney (P)2020 Amanda McKinney

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