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    Some companies seem to thrive naturally, attaining success after success. Others limp from one lackluster year to the next.

    What makes one company blossom while another wilts? In CEO Tools 2.0, CEO coach and C-level executive Jim Canfield reveals the importance of making your business meaningful to yourself, your customers, and your employees. You’ll discover how to better communicate your goals, execute your intentions, and optimize your results. The end goal is a healthy, flourishing company that maximizes profits while freeing CEOs from the humdrum routine of daily operations.

    Imagine having time to fully develop your personal and professional interests, confident in your team’s ability to provide high-quality service, products, and results. This is what Canfield offers through a series of seven simple but profound steps:

    • Set your company’s direction
    • Communicate with trust
    • Track metrics for insight
    • Anticipate (and create) the future
    • Attract and coach winning team members
    • Build an autonomous company
    • Celebrate your success

    Filled with practical, actionable ideas and relevant case studies, CEO Tools 2.0 builds upon and updates Kraig Kramers’s original CEO Tools. This powerful system enables you to make the most of your time and expertise - and become the CEO you were meant to be.

    ©2017 Aprio CEO Tools IP, LLC (P)2018 I'm Hearing Stories

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