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    Programming is difficult. Why make it harder than it needs to be? 

    This audiobook is going to help you learn and work with intermediate-level concepts building on top of the things covered in the beginner audiobook of this series. We’re going to spend time cracking open the secrets of higher-level programming as we start working with more complex ideas. 

    The things we’re going to cover in this audiobook include: 

    • Learning algorithmic programming using things like stacks 
    • Applying your C# skills to bigger projects such as game development using MonoGame 
    • Covering essential C# concepts such as lists, stacks, object methods, and much more to better round out knowledge we built up in the last audiobook 
    • And much more! 

    Don’t waste your time trying to scrape knowledge out of a competitor’s guide. Continue your programming journey with this audiobook - the guaranteed best C# work on the market for the programmer who knows a little but wants to know a lot.

    ©2018 Zach Webber (P)2018 Zapata Publishing

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