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C++: The Complete 3 Books in 1 for Beginners, Intermediate and 21 Sample Codes and Advance Crash Course Guide in C++ Programming

Autor: Zach Webber
Sprecher: William Bahl
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 28 Min.

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Working with the C++ program is a great learning experience. You will gain the skills to create a useful program, one that can work on phones, on websites, and so much more. When you are ready to get started with learning this great programming language, make sure to listen to this guide. 

There are so many great things you can do with this coding language. Some of the topics you will work with and that we will explore inside this guide include:

  • What C++ is and why it’s so great
  • How to create the syntax of C++
  • How to get started with your first code
  • How to create arrays and loops in C++
  • How to work with the variables
  • How to work with conditional statements

When you are ready to finally learn how to work with the C++ language, make sure to check out this guide and see all the great things you can once you learn how to use this programming language. 


C++ is one of the most popular programming languages of all time, and for good reason. No other language offers such a versatile and powerful combination of raw computing ability with potential for abstraction.

This audiobook offers the best solution on the market for when you need to learn as much about C++ as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over the course of this audiobook, you’re going to learn in-depth topics like:

  • The what and why of concepts like values and variables
  • The object-oriented programming paradigm
  • The functionality behind things like functions
  • The power of control flow in programming
  • Logic and how to apply it

So get on the path to learning this super useful language now with the best C++ audiobook on the market.

Advance Guide with Codings

Do you want to learn C++ programming in a way that you can easily understand every concept? Do you want to master advanced concepts of C++ language? Are you tired of reading through large C++ guides in which you end up getting lost? Well, 21 Sample Codes and Advanced Crash Course Guide in C++ Programming takes you through a stepwise journey on learning C++ programming. 

  • How to structure your C++ program
  • Detailed descriptions of C++ functions
  • Working with C++ arrays and pointers
  • Object-oriented programming in C++
  • A detailed discussion of expressions and variables in C++
  • You will understand what multithreading is and how it works in C++
  • How you can fix bugs in your C++ program and how to avoid bugs
  • And much more

If you are serious and you want to advance your career in C++ programming, this audiobook will help you advance your programming skills and master important concepts. Grab your copy today and begin to learn how you can build your project in C++ language. 

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