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    C++ is one of the most popular programming languages of all time, and for good reason. No other language offers such a versatile and powerful combination of raw computing ability with potential for abstraction. No programmer can consider themselves proficient without at least a working knowledge of C++, and because of how influential this language is, a working knowledge of C++ will apply to many other languages as well.  

    This audiobook offers the best solution on the market for when you need to learn as much about C++ as quickly and efficiently as possible. Over the course of this audiobook, you’re going to learn in-depth topics like:  

    • The what and why of concepts like values and variables  
    • The object-oriented programming paradigm  
    • The functionality behind things like functions  
    • The power of control flow in programming  
    • Logic and how to apply it  
    • And much more.

    So get on the path to learning this super-useful language now with the best C++ audiobook on the market.  

    ©2018 Zach Webber (P)2018 Zapata Publishing

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