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Burma, Myanmar Travel Guide

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Since the 1990s, Myanmar (or Burma) has officially been open to the world but it wasn't until 2010 that it became available to everyone that was interested.

Visiting Myanmar is now a race between tourists rushing to see a South East Asian country that has been relatively untouched by the West for several decades and a tourist industry that is madly developing to meet those tourists' needs.

Things are changing rapidly in this country and with 2016's landslide shift towards a new democratic party, the question about whether it is ethical or not to travel here can firmly be answered with a yes.

By going now, you will still have time to see this amazing land in transition from its colonial roots to a modern day nation and tourist attraction like its South East Asian neighbors.

Find a place where locals still wear traditional garb, with people sporting paste covered cheeks while munching on betel nut. Ride railways that retain the same bumps and character as the days they were installed during British colonial rule. Explore ancient Bagan and the highest concentration of Buddhist temples in the world.

Many Myanmar or Burma travel guides and books struggle to keep up with the furious change that is happening in Myanmar; the hundreds of new restaurants that are popping up, the shift in prices and the huge variety of accommodation that is now available, and how the government's changing attitudes are affecting restrictions to tourists.

With this Myanmar travel guide you will be getting information that is current as of 2016 and can give you the facts on the ground as they are now. What the true cost of a hotel is and which fees you need to pay as you move around. There is no longer any excuse for staying in a rickety hotel without air conditioning or eating questionable food from street vendors.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or this is one of your first times abroad, you will be given concise and easy-to-follow guidance that will make sure your trip to Myanmar is the best it can possibly be.

Learn about the current political situation in Myanmarand discover how Burma's history influences its modern predicament. See what your place is in this picture and how to ensure your stay in Myanmar is an ethical one that means you are supporting the wonderful people of Myanmar.

Find out the best way to get into the country, where you can visit, and where you can't. You will find a comparison of the different ways to get around, how they compare in terms of time and price, and which is the most comfortable and convenient.

Get hints to create the best itinerary possible so your time in Myanmar is well spent. You will be given rundowns of Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, and Mandalay with information on their place in the country and the essential sites you need to see. Plan your journey so you can be sure to visit during the fantastic Thingyan water festival or during the Bo Tree Watering ceremony.

Stay safe and hold on to your money by making sure you follow Burmese customs when you need to, that you have the right currency when you need it, and by staying away from the latest scam and tourist traps.

Become spiritually transformed and enriched by the fantastic country of Myanmar, explore its sprawling vistas and achingly beautifully scenery, find the location of Buddha's hair, and come close to Nirvana in one of its many breathtaking temples and pagodas. Discover a nation of people that, despite having struggled through hardship, have genuine happiness and excitement to offer the travelers that venture through this country.

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