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    Never fall for a man they call the devil himself. Bruno De Luca’s the criminal underworld’s newest prodigy. 

    He’s one hulking, inked-up, muscled wall with arms and legs. Fierce, dark eyes that could knock you up with one gaze alone. The roguish charm. The swagger. The cocksure smirk. The kind of man you might call a living, breathing god.

    The problem with this man? They say he has no soul, and they’re right.

    Bruno will stop at nothing until he owns this town. He vows to make San Diego his, no matter the consequences. He’s the man of your dreams and nightmares, all at once. In his world, anger and hate are the only emotions that make any sense.

    I wanted nothing to do with that. A man like that cannot love.

    He proved me wrong.

    My friends say I’m insane, and it’s true. That look in his eye - it makes me high. An explosive chemistry I’d lose my mind without. The beast with him took me over, devoured me, possessed me. He gives me the courage to live the life I want...with him.

    To lose him now would be a death sentence of its own kind. So, why is he the only man who makes me feel safe?

    Bruno is a full-length stand-alone dark mafia romance. It deals with sensitive subjects some may find triggering.

    ©2020 Raven Scott (P)2020 Raven Scott

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