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    Is the office dead? How can you make home working work for you?

    Working from home can be more productive than the office. It is possible to have the perfect work-life balance. This podcast will help you work out how. 

    In 2020 remote working became the norm, but our desire to swap the office for the home has been around for decades. Whether you’ve dialled in from the kitchen table or built yourself a work den in the spare room, learning how to get the best from this new method of working has become a keen interest for all of us. 

    This is a podcast about our jobs that doesn’t feel like work - a practical guide on how to win at remote work hosted by best-selling author and internationally acclaimed CEO, Bruce Daisley. 

    The number of people working from home is expected to double in the next five years. So, as companies begin announcing their plans for the future of remote working – this is a must listen for anyone who’s ever worked in an office, full of useful tips you’ll want to share with your colleagues...remotely. 

    A TBI Media Production for Audible Originals. 

    ©2021 Bruce Daisley (P)2021 Audible, Ltd.

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