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When two people share intimate moments, emotions, and thoughts with each other, a unique bond takes place. Psychologists call this a "soul connection". This is a simple way of saying that the ways in which people bond go beyond the physical and anecdotal. If a relationship takes a mutually unfavorable turn, it is sometimes necessary to sever all connections in order for each partner to move on.

This has nothing to do with horrible fallouts or dramatic tit for tats. If a relationship goes awry and is beyond mending, the best course of action is to completely break all bonds. This process can be absolutely amiable and beneficial. Each estranged partner should make every effort to change daily patterns and behaviors reminding him or her of the past. This isn't an easy transition, but it is absolutely achievable. The dissolving of one relationship and lifestyle should initiate openness to another.

Try to seal shut all avenues of the past as a new partnership is nurtured. Interference from elements of a past relationship will add nothing but heartache and indecision to the flowering new romance. People can make the choice to start over completely and approach a new love with an open mind and clean slate.

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